Set Apart

When I made the decision to embrace the Christian faith, it was because of an oath I made. At least that was the beginning of my journey. I had told the Lord that if He healed my mother, I would give Him my life. He heard me and healed my mother. So one morning at my friend’s baptism, I answered the call. In my lack of understanding, I thought giving my life meant some sort of a life exchange. So, I had that expectation that the illness would transfer to me and I would be the one to go first. It was only after attending some bible studies that my eyes opened.

The act of giving one’s life involves daily surrender to God and His will for my life. It’s no longer what I want, but what He wants. As I continued in this walk with God, I find myself changing everyday. The person I am today, is not the person I was back in the early 90s.

I know many people say that living the Christian life is very difficult due to the many dos and don’ts. On the contrary, if you have a close walk with God, you know that He would never give you bad things. When I go through hardships, I remind myself of my identity in Christ. It’s not always easy but it stops me from sinking even further.

Perhaps you’re even thought of as weird because you don’t seem to want what many worldly people want. That’s ok. You are set apart.

Bible Verse

For the Scriptures say “You must be holy because I am holy.”

1 Peter 1:16

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